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No, I’m not a crazy cat lady.  I love dogs. I always wanted and had dogs growing up and was severely allergic to cats. When I went off to college, my mom even felt horrible every time I went to visit because I would have a horrible reaction and would be miserable my entire stay.  One day however,  I was at my best friends house and she had a cat. I was nervous about my first visit to her place. After a few hours, I found myself NOT sneezing and itching and scratching my eyes.  I remembered hearing once that you can grow in and out of allergies every 7 or so years, but I never put much thought into it.  Had I beaten my cat allergy? 5 years later I adopted a cat I found outside my best friends apartment.  My little stray I called Shadow….I loved that dam* cat 🙂

About 2 years ago I…

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Kangaroo Dog

Kangaroo Dog

Lou prefers to be on tables than the floor, so nothing is safe from this “kangaroo” dog. So if you leave it lower than 1m, he’s sure to steal it.
Favourites are slippers, books, papers, tissues and clothing. The slippers he will happily take off your feet. Tissues from your pocket, or while trying to blow your nose and clothes while you are still wearing them. Today for example, he stole two tissues, which are now ripped up and spread around the lounge room. He stole about 5 pillows throughout the day. He broke 2 lots of blinds, stole slippers off my feet and tried to eat my jumper off me. You can’t help to forgive him though as he always gives you kisses and cuddles after, so its hard to stay mad at him for long.