Lou the Beagle and Tiger-lily the cat loves to Snuggle

When I was sick with the flu, Lou and Tiger-lily gave me cuddles to help me feel better. Animals are the best!


Lou the Beagles New Coat

When my sister and I saw this coat we thought , yes it was perfect for Lou. It reads “Been there Chewed that”. Aahh so appropriate for our loveable monster.Image

This is Lou’s first coat. As it is winter and he had been snuggling up to us trying to get warm we thought, its worth a try seeing if he would wear a coat.

To start with he seemed to enjoy it, but I think it was because he was distracted trying to get my mums food. About 15mins into wearing it, he took himself into the lounge room where he tried to wrestle his way out. He was rolling around, biting and chewing at it. Doing anything to pull it off so he could chew it to pieces.

So now the coat is put away till he is a little older and we are getting lots of cuddles and of course kisses.

Lou the beagles way to sit on the Couch

So would you like a new way to sit on your leather couch then Lou will show you how.
First don’t sit the boring old way, with your bum on the seat. No avoid that all together and climb onto the top of the seat back.


That’s perfect. Now spread your legs on either side of the seat back and lie on your stomach.


Now you are in the perfect position to bark at anything outside the window, or just chew away at those wooden blinds.


As recommended by Lou the beagle